Yaal Loven

Head of Hula-Valley



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Almog Angel

Head of Bio-Valley



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Team Members

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“To prosper where we love to live,

Innovation, Tech & Entrepreneurship are our tools to do so”


The Challenge

Within our region (Eastern Galilee) the main employment areas are tourism and agriculture oriented or low tech jobs with almost half the citizens earning minimum wage or less. The quality of the job offerings is one of the main reasons for negative immigration of youngsters out of our region to a more central area such as Tel-Aviv area (5,000 a year). For decades many ventures have tried to solve this very challenging issue - How can one create new high quality employers without the high quality human capital & vice versa? We believe that Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Technology are the main three tools that can help us solve this long lasting problem, along with a new method – creating a local technological community.


Hula-Valley – New Approach

Our unique solution is using a new method to solve this lingering problem: we created a Tech community, based on local volunteers whom have decided to take their future in their own hands. Our community together with the Tel-Hai Academic College, Eastern Galilee Regional Cluster & “Tech-School” (Nonprofit Organization), have established a platform that supports any kind of startup, and assists in the establishment of new R&D facilities in our regions: High-Tech, Bio-Tech, Agro-Tech, Food-Tech & more.


Our main activities:

  • Organizing monthly local tech meetups

  • Networking entrepreneurs, researchers, government sectors & techie’s

  • Recruiting highly experienced ex-Silicon Valley mentors to voluntarily assist our community startups.

  • Branding our region's strengths inward and outward.

  • Assisting new tech Immigrants successful integration in our area along with new research and development centers (R&D's)


Our Achievements – SEP 2017 to Mar 2019

  • 500 private meetups with startups and Tech leaders.

  • 14 public meetups networking people from more than 80 different residential areas and 18 different regional authorities.

  • Collecting more than 100 families with high quality tech profile whom are willing to move into the Galilee through our activity.

  • Assisting the establishment of 3 new R&D’S.

  • Managing 3 big regional community virtual networking channels.

  • Collecting and assisting more than 70 local startups (+7000% since we begun at 12.9.17)

  • Recruiting more than 1,100 local community members (+100 every month)

  • Assisting the establishment of 3 new Tech communities in other regions of the Galilee – TavorTech, Marom-Tech, Carmiel-Misgav-Tefen

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