Techies moving to the Eastern Galilee


Who are we?

We are members of the Hula-Valley tech community who voluntarily help high-tech employees relocate to the Galilee together with High-tech R&D centers



We will be back to full activity at Aug 20 due to the

Covid 19 situation

How does it work?

High tech employee? Startup entrepreneur? If you are thinking about moving to the Eastern Galilee, just join our database, we will do the rest together with you.


Step 1:

Join our database. 

A Hula-Valley member will contact you, hear your story and elaborate more about our program.


Step 2:

We will add you to our channels and add you to an anonymous portfolio of talents for high-tech companies moving the the Galilee.


Step 3:

Choose your path:

1. Wait for the right match for your new employer. 

2. Move to the Galilee and improve the chance of a new employer moving in to the region